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Kitzbühel –> Salzburg –> Vienna
It all gets a bit steamy in the tuk tuk, blown off course, lederhosen is normal attire, sudden hysteria at German words, apple strüdel, sacher torte and tafelspitz, “the storm is coming” and more beautiful lakes..

DAY 14 and DAY 15

St.Anton –> Innsbruck –> Kitzbühel

Snoring reaches new levels, we race the cycling team, schnapps in every flavour, beautiful lakes, sadness in the mountains and we get to spend 2 nights in one place and do our washing!

DAY 12 and DAY 13

Zurich –> Glarus –> St Anton

Boeing 777, Lunch with sponsor, Love Letters, Lake Swimming, Police, Hairpin bends and Train Trauma

Day 10 and DAY 11

Bergheim –> Belfort –> Basel –> Zurich

Wine tasting, spitting, exorbitant priced coffee, more flying iPhones, and a serious Fiat Fiasco that has us worried about the next few days over the Alps.

DAY 7, DAY 8 and DAY 9

Prüm –> Luxembourg –>Trier –> Strasbourg –> Bergheim

Three days, three countries. Drone-gate, a near miss for the tuktuk, red lights, 3 cigarettes for Emily and 1 sleeping beauty in the tuk tuk… The weather improves dramatically and spirits rise despite the tensions from technology.

DAY 5 and DAY 6

Brussels –> Maastricht –> Prüm:

Brussels tunnels again, forgotten jewellery, the weather turns and the plastic sides come down on the tuk tuk for the first time…… and we have to camp in the rain……

6 / 21 countries

DAY 3 and DAY 4

Dunkirk – ->Bruges –> Brussels:

HANGRY: When one is hungry and angry. Day 3 started without any breakfast. No lunch made everyone even ‘hangrier’ but by 4pm harmony was restored.


London –> Kent –> Dover –> Dunkirk:

AND WE’RE OFF! We had an incredible send off from Pearl & Groove bakery on Portobello Road (our UK sponsor). Having worried initially that only 10 people would turn up, we were overwhelmed by the throngs of people that came to wave goodbye and made it such an awesome atmosphere! We had beautiful cakes, Prosecco (with thanks to Armit Wines), a singer, Turkish Radio and Television filming us, and even a short Indian ceremony to wish us luck on our journey

1 DAY TO GO!!!

We have 1 DAY TO GO!!!! We can’t quite believe that the time is almost here – what a year it has been so far. Thank you all for your incredible support over the last few months – it means so much to us, please keep it up!

There’s been so much going on that we wanted to…

Match Donors

As many of you know we had a match donor who promised to match the donations made to our Just Giving site during the month of August.

By the end of the August month we had managed to raise over £10,000 in donations to SUDEP Action, which meant that Nina and Jayesh Shanghavi had a hefty match funding bill!