Match Donors

As many of you know we had a match donation promise for donations made to our Just Giving site during August.


By the end of the August month we had managed to raise over £10,000 in donations to SUDEP Action, which meant that Nina and Jayesh Shanghavi had a hefty match funding bill!

Nina and Jayesh are the founders of the incredible Nyama Mama restaurants in Nairobi, Kenya. These restaurants are cool, unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diners. Locally inspired and full of flavour, the restaurants are taking Nairobi by storm. Their ugali fries ( a modern twist on the Kenyan staple food of maize meal porridge called ugali in Swahili) has been a big hit with diners.  And if you don’t believe us (because yes, we are biased) they’ve won lots of awards too, including:


They have a number of sites across Nairobi and they also have a Pan Asian restaurant called Mr Yao and plenty of new projects in the pipeline – check out their website here:


Nina and Jayesh are also Emily’s auntie and uncle and so she holds a very special place in their hearts. We are so grateful to them for their continued support and we are also very grateful to all of you who donated in August and made the most of their generosity (!).


The TTTT team x