We hope you enjoy Emily’s Song: It is sung (sort of !) to the tune of The Modern Major General from the Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert & Sullivan.

Our version is the brainchild of our friends, Cindy and Imogen Bexfield, a lawyer and a dentist who took their idea and ran with it! They employed a fabulous company called FleaBee Films from Cheltenham, begged favours from people, gathered together memories of Emily from her friends and family and then used the anecdotes to write the words to the tongue twister.

The song starts with a tongue-in-cheek verse about the fact that Emily was half Indian, born in Kenya and went to Cheltenham Ladies College. The song refers to many of Emily’s traits and naughtiness and to her piercings, her hangovers, her terrible fashion sense, her 15 minutes of fame as a Talking Head on the X Factor Talk Talk adverts and her habit of constantly pulling her knickers out of her bottom!

There are some serious bits about SUDEP and the charity and the importance of taking epilepsy medication as prescribed and then a mention of our imminent tuk tuk journey. Just over two weeks to go before we leave!


Cindy took to the role of producer/director like a duck to water and on filming day she was efficient, calm and good natured in spite of the shambolic, out of tune, out of time, faltering and inept performances she was faced with over and over again! 

The end result is a fun film about Emily which we will treasure for ever!


Producer/director : Cindy Bexfield
Words : Imogen and Cindy Bexfield (parts written in the bathroom in the middle of the night!)
Piano : Roger Humphries
Filming : Fleabee Films http://fleabeefilms.com

Starring in order of appearance:
Brenda Alexander, Joe Snape, Amy Sumaria, Bharat Sumaria, Cecilia, Karl & Nel Ruijsenaars, Abigail & Peter McNeile, Jenny Riddell, Nick Hewitt, Cindy Bexfield, Clio Eckersley, Alice Murray, Livvy Wells, Karl Bass, Rachel Sumaria, Vayla Moffitt, Emily Younger, James Weinberg, Helena Day, Lara Jackson, Gordon Ritchie, Katie Hunter, James Hewitt

Final chorus : Everyone at the Tuk Tuk to Turkey Summer Fête