We are getting so so so excited!

Our tuk tuk has landed in the UK from India and is being road tested this week before it is allowed to get a registration plate.

Apparently, it will only have a registration plate on the back as there is nowhere to put one on the front. So this means that we don’t need to worry about any speed cameras! Yippee. Oh wait………its maximum speed is only 40mph unladen, going downhill and with a following wind. Oh well.

The tuk tuk will be ‘shrink-wrapped’ with a colourful design we have chosen next week. Even more excited now! We want it to make an impact as we tootle about.

The tuk tuk is called SUMO (Emily’s nickname) and that will be written across the front, our orange logo  will also be across the front and the sides and our main message will be emblazoned across the back. So as all the traffic backs up behind us, they will have plenty of time to read our message!

We’ve got room for sponsors’ logos on the hood too.

One of our sponsors is Tuktuk (UK) Ltd from Altrincham. Owner Robert Leggett has been super helpful over many months in getting our tuk tuk from an idea to a reality. He knows everything there is to know. He is the person to go to in the UK for a tuk tuk and is a really genuine guy who just loves tuk tuks!

Check out www.tuktukuk.com or FB, Twitter and Instagram : tuktukuk

Go on. You know you want one!