Great news! This weekend we have had a boost to our fundraising from Emily’s cousins, Romi, Shonil and Keyu.  They are the co-founders of  OBLIQUE LIFE – a private members’ club and lifestyle management service for young professionals in London and around the world. They have come up with the fantastic idea of DONATING 25% of all memberships bought from now until we leave in September if people use the TukTukToTurkey referral code. They will also donate £1 of every ticket sold for Oblique Life events in March which include: *Sunday Night Live*, *Life Drawing*, *Oblique Fit East and Central (HIIT, Yoga and Brunch)*, *Reggaeton Night*, and MUCH MORE!

If you are a millennial in London then check out their website and expand your network with both like-minded people and those who open your eyes to new things: