27th February 2018

Wake up mid-dream. In the dream our tuk tuk is swinging in a huge net at a great height as it is lowered onto a ship at Istanbul harbour. Perhaps it’s because I met someone that evening who described his car being shipped back to England from somewhere exotic 40 years ago, but whether it is or not, it seems rather back-to-front to be working out how to get the tuk-tuk back home when it hasn’t even arrived in the UK yet.

So many possibilities have been swirling around our heads and we’ve had so many suggestions:

  • Get 2 volunteers to drive it back – it will be much quicker if they don’t need to go through 21 countries!!
  • Tow it back on a trailer?
  • Hire a transit van and drive it back? Although can we even do that? Drop off a vehicle thousands of miles from where you hired it?
  • Sell it in Turkey?
  • Donate it to a charity in Turkey?
  • Someone told us a story which involved finding someone in the RAF who could pop it in the back of a Hercules!

We’ve been told that we will love our tuk tuk by the end of our adventure and that it will feel like part of our family.  People we meet on our way will sign it, stick things on it and one of us will no doubt crash it, leaving it with some “rustic charm”. And we’ve named it ‘Sumo’ after Emily so of course we won’t want to part with it! Bart also fancies driving it to the pub on Gloucestershire summer evenings and we’re pretty sure he is offering his chauffeuring services in it as part of our auction……. so watch this space!

So today, amongst all the other moving parts, we’ve been writing to car shipping companies to see if they can swing our tuk tuk into one of their containers to make sure we get it home in one piece. Although if any of you have any other ideas – we’re all ears!!


Love Rachel, Bharat, Amy, and James x



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